A new blog for my new project: GalaCollider is starting! We are now 5 people working on this project and we will probably continue to grow in size over the next year towards our kickstarter!

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Just published a new game of mine to the internet: Quizgle.com! Quizgle is a game where you are given fake search results and have to guess what words were used to make that search.
These recent elections have gotten me to think about voting in a new way again. I've talked to many people who have been dissapoointed with Obama's first term, but because they don't want "the other...
There are some nights where you wake up from a dream and you learn something new. It's more odd though when the person who is telling you something, is yourself. I had this dream this morning where I...
We live in an era where social networking is providing a new avenue for inter-human connectivity. It is becoming our material extension of our collective consciousness; a layer on-top of the Internet...
This is certainly a hot emotional topic, but it is worth reviewing the American Cival war for just a moment to really see what happened and why the result of the American Civil War has...
Presentation given for ZDAY2011 in Portland OR. How can the transition happen, what would a possible transition look like, and is the transition we are talking about even unique in Earth's history?...
According to these progressives, after much research they have determined that the main problem with the progressive left is its rejection of spiritual beliefs; especially religion. The 'spiritual...
Here is a funny and informative commentary on our colonial behavior and unspoken history. Watch the video: Robbert Newman's history of oil
Just watched an interesting BBC Horizon program on rational thought. Highlights of the program include: * Loss complex * Post-decision rationalization * Priming * Precognition * Loss complex: