Ten ways to become more Japanese:

1.) Politeness

You are the most polite person you know. Any opportunity you can find to demonstrate your self is eagerly claimed. Profuse, excusing, thanking you practice venerably. You more humble than the last falling leave on the barren blossoming cherry tree.

2.) Order

You clean continually. You have watched karate kid and listened. Your routine ensures that no dust shall have collected by time to re-polish. Structure more art than art. Order ensures a free mind ripe in solstice. Ordered space, ordered thought are one, never two.

3.) Minimalism

You see vast tales told in gesture of one line, two roosting birds. Story within tale locked within arching tree branch bare fruit. You understand universal language spoken in manner by everything. Truth unveiled in every glance, a moving hand. You know no hidden motives, the only foreigner in your soul.

4.) Perfectionist

You are virtue in knowing, world is perfection. Thus perfection you achieve in kind, in act. Time bendable; variable in your array of paints. You weave to pinpoint finer subtle suggestions. Mimic and mirror, the world beyond you echoed within.

5.) Servitude

You perform best, nothing half-hearted. Your work, your personal master piece. Everything done, ensures success. Failure only a trial of faith, for you know value of heart.

6.) Ritual

Your daily act, dancing composition. Through worship tradition you connect. Rituals ease mind, cleans soul. In silence becoming, you listen.

7.) Time

You know when to rush, when to wander. When required, you move like wind. When it is not, you stroll gently as drifting wood to not make whispers see their shadow. Making haste on quiet gentle stream only makes noisy waves and spoils picture. Those who slowly troll on fast moving waters drown. Master of time, you know be one with river. River is master.

8.) Honor

Man is but word. Of which you are formed. No word shall compromise, especially not thy-own. Honor is life, word from which stems creation. An iron vow, protected sword. Bound in time welded to be wielding true. Hands of mortal souls trial thee no more.

9.) Imagination

A picture book traveler, unfolded you gleam. Searching for opportunity to return foreign worlds. Projected thought understood. As real as ethereal in which you wake. Creationists become, in partaking.

10.) Art integration

Art is life, life is art. Separation momentary, truth existence temporarily forgotten. Wisdom that all men are artists, integrated knowledge principle. Lines flow as they bleed in definition. Thick boundaries contain varied patterns of life. Harmonic places you view the world. The world of canvass space.