Book ideas in new formation


Elo, so I think I now have a new spin on the book idea I've been toying with. Instead of just writing a book, IO think it may become a combined book + art project + divination card deck. A combination of ideas; categorized into very thin chapters, summarized by a drawing, made in the form of a card, usable either as a deck that one can draw cards from; or as a book that one can read cover-to-cover - or just open a page to.

This would mean that the subject would branch from overlapping concepts found in permaculture, but also esoteric, philosophy, geometry etc. The idea is to still achieve a broadening of awareness in the wester-urbanite; but the means of achieving this may be shifted...

More details to follow as I map this new idea to the existing chapter headings/ideas to see if this new format makes sense.