the cruise


aaaah, this fabled classic. A movie which, if there were one I could recommend; it would surely be the Cruise by Bennet Miller.

You know those great moments when you feel that you can truly look upon your life; as if you looked upon it for the first time, and truly see the light?

Those are these

A tunnel, so long that all you see has no end? I can relate to the sentiments presented. And it is true art indeed when catalyst upon second seeing is doubly enfolded.

In each moment of life there seems to be this wave, arching between despair -- a weight which surveys no purpose, and salvation. Salvation always in a new form; a new idea, a separate slicing of thy clay.

That new block that comes upon the current one along your road and it settles.
A large thun.

A mold which breaks from the own patter of its feet. Running. As it looks behind her self.

Today, you re-recognize the undeniably truth that every moment, every smile, every tooth brushing, every heart broken, every plant watered has a purpose. And you feel that drop-drip like drip of remembering the importance of standing. Hoping, in this moment, that the feeling will not sway away beneath your feet, like the tide, faster that your mind looses loved one's at sea.

Open like a volcano, she tears a pain upon the side-side of my heart. So many possibilities; like your ancestors before you; like projections of physical flame you surround me with jets of energetic tumbling; like a school girl spinning in a tall bright summers day where your ears feel lifted to the tippy toes of blinding clouds and nothing could be wallower.

These testing times resting my physical strength seem unnecessarily cruel. Where is that radiant energy; that blossoming being? That beacon of hope, prosperity, of order in mind heart and function -- radiate reason, notre desire de vivre? (or too cliché to mention)


Like a mirror you challenge me to look even deeper into her eyes.

Diving head foot fool with my left leg I take you back to where your heart belongs. In that breath that knows no comprimise. With eyes shut, I remember: your name.

Like a warm form you breath spirals inside my body.

A whisp, a ghost like pulse that fills your heart from the inside; that you can't help but make the smallest smile.

In servitude to that sigh, I too pronounce only three words I know... :

I do not know

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