Dreams and imagination as a tool for undersatanding/traveling...


An interesting subject lately is the power of imagination. One thing which Seth discussed in book III was that one of the keys to dimensional travel [something that we all do all the time although we don't perceive it as such] is: imagination.

By imagining you are something, a part of you becomes it. By imagining a world: you create it in some space that may not be 'real' in human terms, but is just as real as anything else in greater terms. Imagination leads to empathy, it fascinates a broadening of perspectives, new ideas, formation of frontiers, solutions and growth.

One experiment I have been running is to close my eyes and to allow my creative imagination complete free will. Every image i see before my eyes I follow, and when I feel myself aware of what it is and I feel that I understand what it is, I allow my imagination to conjure up a change in the least expend way possible. This has led to some highly creative sessions, on busy days I attempt this during the pre-fall asleep phase, right before I doze off for the night.

Speaking of dreams, lately many have been quite interesting, one night I had a dream right before I fell asleep that I was showing a group of people some ability I had discovered/mastered. There was one female mentor in particular who was guiding me / reviewing my progress. In the dream I changed the index fingers of my hand into loose forms of energy. I was floating in a dark egg shaped space, the other observing entities were loosely in a circle before me and to the sides. From the dematerialized fingers, which twinkled speckles of white light in a deep painted black an blazing intense spray of energy ejected. The people who were onlooking were intrigued and happy with my ability. It made an intense sound. I expanded the dematerialization across my fingers and enveloped my hands in it. This was a bit scary because it was so easy to expand it over my whole body and I had no idea what would happen if I engulfed my whole body in it - so I scaled it back to zero, and since it was actually really easy to control, I felt secure. So rather quickly after that I again expanded the effect over all my fingers, my arms, my torso, down my arms - all of it jetting energy in all directions and then I let it engulf my whole body, head and all - and as soon as my entire body was engulfed - everything disappeared, consciousness included until I woke up the next morning. I have no idea where I went, maybe it was the same place I go every night at sleep - or maybe it wasn't.

On another night I had a very similar dream except instead of dematerializing, I entered a floating prayer pose and placed my hands over my head. When i did so, my crown chakra completely opened and it was just as intense and real as when this happened to me [awake] in the summer of 2002. The experience is very unique; its all gold and silver - it feels like god flows through you, in you, like you are god - or at least a part of god; or the universe, whatever you want to call it. its pure bliss, grace... its warm locking pure energy. words fail here.

wasn't expecting to write about dream experiences here today... but there you go.