In the future...


In the not so distant future, people will be marketing devices, and especially electronic/computer related ones for entirely different qualities than they do today.

A typical computer will be something that you buy for its craftsmanship, something that you know was built to last 20 to 50 years or more, even if you throw it around or drop it. Where every part in it is proudly replaceable and independently upgradeable. A device that requires a low amount of energy to run.

This might seem like fantasy, but its actually inevitable. As resources slowly run out and power prices increase, "natural forces" will impose themselves upon our human systems just like they do on all other (natural) systems on the planet.

We soon won't be able to afford a product if we know it won't last longer than a few years, and we certainly won't buy something if the parts aren't replaceable, that would be just plain silly! As for power, well slowly but surely there will be far less of it around, so necessity is, without a doubt the mother of invention.

Our work today, both in the realm of actual forefront construction or passive idea dissemination [like this post] is the equivalent to collective-conscious-foresight. Seeds of awareness to a shift in paradigm that is open to us because it has been imagined. And once you can imagine something, it's as solid as life can be.