Gas, Trash and Bicyles


Did you know that in the middle of the Pacific there is a big huge ball of plastic & garbage that is spinning, ever growing in size and currently the size of Texas??

I sure didn't, how horrible! You can see where it is spinning via this link:

spinning garbage pile in the pacific ocean

In parallel I just found out that in order to generate 1 gallon of gasoline it would take you cycling on your bike non-stop for 1,800 hours! That's the equivalent of working 8h a day [riding your bike!] for 12 months!!

That same gallon of gasoline takes about 98 tons of plant material to produce, which is the equivalent of loading several dozen logging trucks!

If you think this is bad, the energy efficiency between car and bike is further reinforced by comparing the most ecological-compact car on the market to date with the bicycle. In order to pull that eco car at its cruise speed, it would take 3,000 bicycles all in tow! That's the equivalent to 15 rows of bicycles pulling the car fender-to-fender for 10 city US blocks!

... geesh

So really what we need is more bike paths... and a total ban on any non bio-degradable or non bio-edible plastics. petitions and boycotts anyone?