the Happy Chrysalis phase


so, what a long flight that was! More than 26 hours traveling and not 3, but 4 planes! Ouch! Gladly I had a bag of books to read. I started and nearly finished Ken Wilber's book: 'a brief history of everything' - this is quite an interesting book, apparently it's a summary of his other book: "sex, ecology and evolution". I think I'll eventually be getting a copy of this title since I would like more depth to the information that is in this book.

Book review: "A brief history of everything" - Ken Wilber

Ken's work combines different belief systems: from east, west, science, holisim, psychology, ecology, politics, theology, philosophy and religion into a combined vision. Ken is really good at looking for patterns and extracting commonalities.

Ken is a data collector, abstracter, simplifier. I really like that his ideas are a process of data collection and abstraction - and then not from one discipline, but all disciplines that are.

I have still a few more pages to go, but in general he covers so far 3 main concepts/areas:

* From the big bang to now: whats the pattern? how does the universe organize its self in terms of information, ideas, physical reality etc.
* What is the commonality of all our different modes of thought/belief. How has our ideas evolved? What is the pattern in that development? What natural groupings of ideas occur?
* What are the commonalities in psychology? How do human's evolve from early years into adulthood? How are ideas of the self and spiritual subjects related to human psychology? What commonalities can be seen in all spiritual belief systems and what is the pattern that all information supports?

the happy chrysalis phase

So, here I am back in Amsterdam. In the last days of Portland, I was happy I got to see a few friends again in the last days - and then quite sad to be going away. The first half of my trip in the plane was somber; although by the time I had to sleep 6 hours on a bench in front of a check in booth, my mood was more neutral than anything! That will cure any emotional state!

Arriving in Amsterdam was strange. 7am, pitch black darkness, the sun kind of rises; it doesn't breaks this dense gray moosh; its cold, it's shades of undefined gray. And somehow, none of this makes a dent on me. Happy; that's all I was; and several days later, that's all I am. I'm excited. I'm in the moment, enjoying the company of friendships and my mother here - I know this place is just temporary - and I know I have the power to alter my reality as needed, I don't feel trapped like I have felt here before.

Ihor my friend from Australia was here for two days before he left again back to the underworld; it was really nice hanging out with him; even if brief.

I'm thankful, and I feel very blessed. Both for the past, my present, and my immanent future.

I believe I've made my decision regarding where I am moving to; but I am going to wait still another week to make sure my decision is not entirely impulsive. So sorry for the suspense! But an end to this Chrysalis phase is near at hand... What I do know, is that I am in Amsterdam now until approximately February 2008; this will give me time to sort out things here, and also assist my mother with her possible life changes.

So yes, within me a bright fire is burning, and nothing external seems to be affecting that light. It was a bit sad leaving Portland, but that melancholy has passed again, and in its place a peace grows.