intermission 2....


before we finish the BM story... lets get up to speed a little...

I just got back from the permaculture course + the symbiossis festival.

The course was nice, I learned a lot about a whole variety of areas. It really showed me a lot of new doors of possibility. The people who attended the course were also all really beautiful amazing people; all very different and unique. It felt very weird leaving the place yesterday, I was very much at home there.

The festival itself was also really cool, though it changed at times drastically in vibe. Sunday was amazing, the music was excellent and everyone on that day was relaxed and partying - it was a really deep sense of peace that prevailed on that day, and you could see it in everyone.

My options now are even more vast, although I lost my journal on Sunday, so its a bit tough right now to follow through with many of the options I had contemplated because a lot of people's / events were in there and I now lost my threads to them. I'm still of the thought that this is all working according to some greater plan - but it sure does make things a lot harder [albeit simpler].

There was a couple of interesting girls I met, but somehow nothing manifested beyond a simple hug and a few precious short connections of hearts. Things were not always that easy for me, I've had a number of lonely moments while I was there, and I didn't always react / act in ways that I found to be correct. So some of my time spent there was also allocated to damage mitigation.

In particular there was one girl named Bianca whom I spent all of Sunday evening and Monday morning trying to find so that I could apologize - because I'm sure I really hurt her feelings, I was reactive; but unfortunately I never managed to find her, and I don't have her contact details... very sad.

At the festival I organized several lectures but as the party evolved it turned out that none of my planned lectures manifested. I do feel at this stage that i have quite a lot of interesting collected thoughts and ideas that I can form into one or more lectures/books - its a hindrance that my journal is gone, because I had mind-mapped the lectures in such a way that writing/talking about them would be easy - but I'm sure I can remap from my brain again if/when necessary. My journal has my email address on the inside cover, so hopefully it will come back to me.

For example, one of the topic I was going to lecture on was: "Geometry [points, circles, lines, spirals], Consciousness, Time and the Egyptian principle of the Perpetuating Trianaries [triangles]".

Well, in a couple of days I'm going to head off to Portland, Oregon. I now have two friend circles up there, and I've never been, and people are always talking about how ultra-cool it is there; so i figure I'll take a peek and check it out. My return flight is now scheduled for October 24th from LAX. Moving dates will cost me some dosh. I figure I'll be back then - although the idea of skipping the winter to stay in the warm sunny weather is very tempting as well... hmmmm, options.

So to sum: Sebastian doing very well; though with some minor set backs and sadness [related to Bianca/journal], new ideas, learned lots of new things [both about myself and permaculture] and i have met lots of new amazing people...

Hugs to you all and lots of healing for my mother who has restrained her knee: get well soon Christen! I love you.