Its the considered creationist,


Well, here I am, a few hours away from my horrendously long trip back home [3 planes, 6 hour stop over in LAX, more than 20 hours flying - ug!]

I've got a bag of different books to read, a new art journal I am filling with new inspiration, and a place to record my thoughts; so I should be good during my trip back to Amsterdam.

I've had a lot of things to consider lately.

EGS [positive-living] principles and then seeking out information that challenges my ability to remain EGS [see post on tangetal history].

Then this last weekend at the party I had such a strong venus-like experience; oh I should mention that Venus was out and burning brighter in the sky than I had ever seen in my entire life on that night; it broke through the clouds and left a small shinning hallow and a radiant twinkle - quite surreal.

This experience; along with a few others lately, has made me ponder of subjects related to sexuality, relationships, connection, pleasure, fears and self-gratification.

It's possibly the newest area for me to work on; now that I have broken out of the previous cycle, I see that the new one I am about to uncover and break this year now is related to my lunar position. At the symbiosis festival we went through all the moons; and the one danger of having a moon in Libra really struck a chord in me that I could relate to. Apparently, people with their moon in Libra tend to be very good and active at balancing the needs of others; but ion the process, Libra-moons tend to forget to balance their own needs in the equation.

I can tell from the internal thought processes I observe in me, that the balance between self-gratification vs. selfishness is not quite formed yet. Some people start from the side of being too selfish, and need to learn to be more generous; for it me it feels like I am disbalanced on the other side of things - and need to get more in the middle.

I'm definitely interested in learning more about [tantric] forms of 'sex-drive' control; or rather: re-incorporation; as I think this also links directly into using male energy to create instead of to destroy.

I've had several major art breakthroughs in the last two days.

The most important new one's are:

1. The law of negative inversion
2. The applied eternal principle of the flower of life
3. Balanced creation and destruction cycles: with creation as completion.

Like anything I learn, its cross-applicable to all fields of life - and I am sure these laws just came from some really important new thoughts I've had in relation to procreation.

1. The law of negative inversion

Every element on the page can be viewed in at least two ways.
By making each element serve a minimum of two purposes, breadth opens up in the drawing and every line, form and direction takes purpose. These can be different reflections at the same scale; different connections between different colors/textures, or different meanings to the same line when viewed at different scales [close observation, mid distance, far observation]

2. The applied eternal principle of the flower of life

Every element on the page is alive. Rooted firmly in the [previously learned] art law of "there is no such thing as a 'mistake'", this principle takes the idea of no mistakes and pushes it even further to say that in every line, shape or form some world, life, picture, place, face, state can, will, and is taking form. the artist's job then is to simply uncover this form; to allow it to be expressed by refining it. But to create, one must destroy... which brings me to the next law:

3. Balanced creation and destruction cycles: with creation as completion.

To create something, you have to destroy something. The page starts white; anything you add is a destruction to that purity. Now until now one could say this processes was present; but unconscious. Unconscious in the sense that I didn't observe the pattern of moving between destruction-creation before. If I take a marker and make wide marks without cause or reason, I am seeding the page with potential; by destroying something - then if I go back into the wide marks and then pull-out forms [what I call 'carving'] I am then creating; creating not by interfering with what was just done; but by accentuating what is dormant within the previously just enacted destruction.

So this connects me back to the male-sexual energies. All too often I've heard: male is destruction/change, female is creation/form. BUT I'd like to challenge this. Each energy also has its opposite manifestation.

Imagine a male energy focused on creation. The trust then is of change, and the drive is forming realty instead of in-jesting it. If I may draw a parallel: This is the male energy that isn't outwardly releasing sperms into the void hoping that one will make it [the pessimistic approach]; this is the male energy that withholds its resources and actively plants its seeds in the places that make the most positive difference to induce growth in a vision that is refined for greater purposes.

I suppose you could call it, a balanced male-female energetic principle. I'm sure the same reversal of energies is possible in female principles; but I'll need a bit more time to formulate that one as my current mental focus was on the masculine.

So back to the art; destruction:creation, and a natural pendulum between them. Now we all know that an art piece isn't done until it 'feels' done; but when is that? I believe now that art looks/feels done when every last bit of 'potential-impetus' has been activated. 'Potential-impetus' is what I create when I manifest destruction on the page; I seed it with potential. But until those potentials are finalized by refining each section into its creationist state; it is incomplete.

This is EGS applied to art; its taking reality, and making sure that the way you leave it, is better and more beautiful than [ever] before. It's the considered creationist.