Man I am exalted!!!

This is the first president elected in the USA I can honestly say I actually 'wanted' to be president! Instead of just a better choice between two worse-case scenarios.

The comments from around the world are really interesting, and heart touching. There is so much hope, so much potential in us - the humans - on this world.

How was it where you live? Here in Oregon it was a parade in the streets! Cars beeping, drum sets, fireworks -- everyone is in disbelief, including myslf... is this a dream? I never thought I'd see an African American president elected, especially not after such a strong abhorable right-regime!

How is it in your part of the world? Were people also celebrating?

I really hope things can now take positive steps.
I think the best thing that Barak can do is to **EDUCATE** the people. Not by pointing the finger, but by looking at the causes of our problems, by redeveloping compassion, cohesion. We can make it happen; but it's going to take action to make that difference. Educating people as to the purpose of why policy changes are taking place is a long-term commitment towards creating a more capable populous.

"Awareness breeds understanding fosters solidarity births compassion"

I'm close to getting to a place where I can apply myself fully towards a higher/common goal. If no other wishes for next year materialize to better this one, it will be my full unrelenting application towards a heart-felt ideology.

Best regards to you all,