(re)using plastic containers?


Hi folks, some general information which is important to know:

On all plastic bottles / containers, you have a number. This number indicates the type of plastic that was used.

Some plastic is meant to be re-used safely, others are not. The two most common side-effects caused by plastic is hormonal disruption and cancer.

Here is a short guideline:

PET numbers 2, 4 and 5 are generally safe to wash and re-use.

PET 1 should only be used once and then recycled / trashed, if used again it will leach.

PET 3 and 6 contains study proven hormone disrupting chemicals (styrene) and carcinogens and should be avoided entirely [so don't even drink from it the first time around].

As a general guideline, if you can taste the plastic, you are eating it.
Always avoid having plastic containers in the sun as this increases the rate of leaching on all numbers.

{information courtesy of the AMPS Society}