Tiddle tiddles


Hello folks, well hours away from final results of the new US president... and statistics would have it that Obama is set to win!!! Geesh, i can barely believe it! BUT, any weirdness can still happen [as past elections have shown] -- so I won't get too presumptuous...

There is a big long term prediction I am making. If you look at all of the votes coming in, all the voters, even in heavily republican states, of voters aged 29 years of less: are democratic. From 30 to 59 its split and over 60 people tend to vote republican... So, what we are looking at is a surge of young voters who are more-and-more democratic. All other factors being equall, in the long term this can only lead to a gradual tidal-wave from the democratic party in years to come...

Nearly right after I made my past post regarding PlantSoft, Ken tipped us off on a potential grant application -- we were soooo busy for a week working on the proposal, and now its in:


Apparently the votes are important to the judges, though they probably look at a lot more than just that; we are hoping to get to the second round, so if you have the time to review our proposal and vote for us, we would be very thankful!

This intense week has made things more definite. Further research has made the proposal more solid, and Melissa has been a huge help in getting it all together [big thanks to Melissa!]. If anything, this has made me really evaluate things more deeply and, if anything, there will be good discussion as a result of all this.

It felt really good to focus so much energy on something I truely believed in. If anything, I hope to have that opportunity again soon; either on this project, or on another.

I've seen some pretty funny / cute videos lately.

Here is one about a Lion that was raised in captivity, then released into the wild and then 2 years later the original owners found him back with the help of a tracker! Quite an amazing story [assuming it is true!]

And here is a link to a really funny "what if" Sara Palin site: