Since as far back as I can remember I have been designing games. It is a creative process, part-intellectual puzzle, part story telling, and part educational. As a child I learned more about history playing and discovering games than I did in school. I would go to the video game arcade, play a cool super-retro arcade game and then come home and cut pieces of paper up to re-create my favorite games as board games. Later as I grew up a bit older I was very interested in making games on the computer myself. I didn't have the money to buy a computer but it didn't stop me from wanting to learn more about them. When I was about 9 years old I went to a book store and grabbed a book on how to write computer programs in Basic. Eventually I got a Commodore 64 and started to write my own simple games.

I wrote some very simple half-baked programs for a star trek battle-simulation (in the vein of the hot dog stand game from the early 1980s) and simple pick-your-path game where you played the role of a vampire hunter in a mansion, looking for clues and interacting with a text-based world.

Over the years I became very good at different war games, role played a lot and did various tournaments with combat-simulation miniatures and historical war games. At the age of 16 I came 2nd and 4th place in two different Star Fleet Battles tournaments in Los Angeles CA.

That same year I received the honorary award for Computer Science at my high school for exceptional achievement in Computers and was fortunate enough to be placed in a Pascal programming class with students far above my age.

Over the years that followed, game design took a more side-line role. I still made game concepts and developed board games / card games and computer game concepts at home, but none of these concepts were pushed to publication due to changing priorities.

As of 2011 though, things have swung back to the past. In a rapid sweep of events I was hired by Wulven Studio as one of the lead designers for their flag ship game: Shadow Era. Shadow Era is a collectible card game based loosely on other games like: World of Warcraft TCG and Magic the Gathering.

The game began its life as a digital-only game on iPhone, iPad and Android and has since been printed as a physical game. The launch of the cards took place at Origins 2012. My role for Wulven is primarily a creative one, I am tasked with coming up with cards, expansions, related-concepts, developing the various heroes and new playstyles. While balancing the new cards is not my primary function, design can not be entirely separated from balance as each new card has to work within the network of existing cards and help the various heroes to keep balanced to one another.

Currently I am very active with games. I am focusing a large part of my creativity in this domain and continually researching and developing.