Presentations, Thoughts and Interactions

Presentations, Thoughts and Interactions

It is hard to live in this world and to see at once such greatness, and beauty, and at the same time, so much suffering and injustice. There is not only a drive to better ourselves, but also to offer, help and improve the lives and well beings of others. My path, if I could sum it up, would be to say that everything I do and am is inherently spiritually motivated. I like to live with the attitude that I really don't know anything, or that anything I think I know may at some point be up for question.

Observation, self-reflection, and the realization that everything is inherently dual and a perpetual desire to learn. Thankfulness, universal appreciation, love. A desire to do good and to help and contribute to the world, and a view that everything in this universe ("alive" or not) deserves respect and admiration. These are my key stone values which I try and bring into all affairs.

Below you will see some articles and presentations I have worked on, as well as a listing of movements I have either been in, or support. Finally, here is where you can find links to various blog/article entries which have to do with interesting and thought provoking books, websites, blog entries and so forth.


Any intelligent attempt at offering an alternative model will need to involve a vast expansive awareness of many disciplines. We need to somehow balance a gestalt of the vast totality of our past, the history of the earth, the natural laws, the scientific laws, our cultural evolution, alternative cultures, financial systems, psychology, philosophy, art, spirituality, religions, our nature and the ecology. This is no small task, for anyone. While time is the true sculpture of evolution, and in that sense all we need do is focus on our own personal paths, man holds his own innovation as a part of that force. In honor of that desire to create, this section outlines various cultural models.

There are a number of different models which exist, developed by many different people around the world.

Below you will find some videos and different references to proposed models, so far I know of three that are really good and viable:

Articles I have written

Gift Economics: A Viable Economyalso known as my "RBE Transition Model".

Presentations I have given

Videos I have made or help edit

Movements I Support or am a part of


Currently I am writing a book, whose working title is INFINULITY:

The quest for a greater understanding of reality through the analysis of pattern, form and development in the universe.

Completion date is currently unknown, currently seeking an environment to do further research and writing for a one year period.