Technology, Proramming, Internet

Technology, Proramming, Internet

Technology is a big fascination of mine. I love computers and all that they have to offer. I guess I have always been a fairly forward-facing person. Using technology to probe questions about the way we think, how we make decisions, and how evolution is possible. I'm fascinated by our computer's ability to mimic the fundamental principles of life and our own minds. And it is quite amazing how we can create wondrous artworks with machines.

It is so fresh and new a field, and yet in 30 years we have already performed miracles.

As my life and my questions have changed, so has my path and direction with technology. I have done so many different areas that connect and relate to computers that my skill set at this point is starting to become quite immense.

For a while I was becoming very proficient at developing mathematical art, and flash based games. More importantly in 2005 I went deep into MAX-MSP and developed a software program to permit audio and visual information to be mapped and placed in 3-dimensional space with the use of real-time controllers, six networked computers, 6 discrete audio channels and five projector screens for a large central dome. Shortly thereafter I got a hardware-software creative development grant from STEIM to work on an interactive improvisational interface known as Sticky Fingaz

Web technologies have become my most recent, and longest lasting focus. They provide me a change to really work independently and to merge not only my technical skills, but also my creative side together into a cohesive melody.

Since 1998 I have operated my own company Fountain City Productions. First in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and recently in Portland, OR, USA since 2008. My clients are global and more-and-more these are all for good causes I believe in.

Below you will find general information about my skills. For specific skills, please see my company.