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There are some nights where you wake up from a dream and you learn something new. It's more odd though when the person who is telling you something, is yourself. I had this dream this morning where I...
Most inspirational video collating clips of Carl Sagan about our world and how we can live in a better place:
Cybernetics: Is a subject which has come to my attention following reading some material from a book called "Web of Life" by Fritjof Capra: http://www....
Video from Nassim Haramein of the Resonance Project, a really fascinating and thought provoking alternative to contemporary world-construct beliefs.
According to these progressives, after much research they have determined that the main problem with the progressive left is its rejection of spiritual beliefs; especially religion. The 'spiritual...
BBC documentary from 2002, the century of the self. This series is fascinating, I learned a great deal from this series; in particular, the history of psychoanalysis, advertising, politics,...
permaculture is the philosophy that one needs to be self sufficient and self reliant in order to be free. It is the opposite approach from modern economic culture in the sense that it is the pursuit...
Still using fluoride? Part 1: Part 2:
Hi folks, some general information which is important to know: On all plastic bottles / containers, you have a number. This number indicates the type of plastic that was used. Some plastic is meant...
In the not so distant future, people will be marketing devices, and especially electronic/computer related ones for entirely different qualities than they do today. A typical computer will be...
here is an interesting video about a brain scientist who has a stroke and then gives her person story on how those effects translate to her life and study.
For quite some time I have been interested in theories that discuss the balancing between right and left brain thinking, and the translation of ideas from one field to another. Ken Wilber's book...
Just watched an interesting BBC Horizon program on rational thought. Highlights of the program include: * Loss complex * Post-decision rationalization * Priming * Precognition * Loss complex:
You may have heard of the "flower of life" You may have heard of the "flower of life"
Just finished this book, wow - I've learned so many things; this book is truly a must read for everyone, no matter your area of interest or focus. What comes after post-post modern? What is the 'new...