Topic: technology

We live in an era where social networking is providing a new avenue for inter-human connectivity. It is becoming our material extension of our collective consciousness; a layer on-top of the Internet...
Most inspirational video collating clips of Carl Sagan about our world and how we can live in a better place:
Video from Nassim Haramein of the Resonance Project, a really fascinating and thought provoking alternative to contemporary world-construct beliefs.
In terms of working models, so far I have found three ideologies. I've compiled the key properties and differences into a table so that you can get a general feel for the difference between these...
many years ago i thought it would be great if you could meta tag and rate your bookmarks and then share those bookmarks with others on the internet publicly.
In the not so distant future, people will be marketing devices, and especially electronic/computer related ones for entirely different qualities than they do today. A typical computer will be...
hello everyone! Well, in 3 weeks I'll be moving out of Amsterdam, moving my mother to the south of France - and I will be in Portland Oregon at or around the 15th of April! So now I'm also in a total...