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Most inspirational video collating clips of Carl Sagan about our world and how we can live in a better place:
Presentation given for ZDAY2011 in Portland OR. How can the transition happen, what would a possible transition look like, and is the transition we are talking about even unique in Earth's history?...
Video from Nassim Haramein of the Resonance Project, a really fascinating and thought provoking alternative to contemporary world-construct beliefs.
According to these progressives, after much research they have determined that the main problem with the progressive left is its rejection of spiritual beliefs; especially religion. The 'spiritual...
BBC documentary from 2002, the century of the self. This series is fascinating, I learned a great deal from this series; in particular, the history of psychoanalysis, advertising, politics,...
This documentary covers the evolution of our discovery and then dependance on oil. It is quite informative if you want to learn more about our dependance on this ancient and yet incredibly finite...
A beautiful touching story about how one person, through small steps in each day of their lives can affect great change in this world. A story about how we can redirect the love that we once had for...
Here is a funny and informative commentary on our colonial behavior and unspoken history. Watch the video: Robbert Newman's history of oil
Hello, this is a documentary from 1992; a little dated, perhaps? Well maybe, this documentary covers papa bush's invasion of Panama; and it does it in an extremely effective manner, one of the best...
Where will the spinning stop when it has begun? A concoction of stress and joy, the thrill of the dive. Spinning 4 plates or more, pauses to consider, no room to falter - the ship flies too fast to...
here is an interesting video about a brain scientist who has a stroke and then gives her person story on how those effects translate to her life and study.
Hello! More from me soon, its been quite simply because there has been so much going on that I can't keep up with my blog lately! But to keep you warm, here is an excellent online info-story I would...
the BEST internet movie clip I have EVER seen is BACK! After more than a year of being 'no where to be found' on the internet. This really is a MUST see!!!
someone's video of the event: more photos from anon sources: