San Francisco

Ah yes, here we are where we left off 3 years ago in lovely San Francisco… I came here expecting a great nostalgia, hidden resurfaced feelings and perhaps some form of self confrontation… After all, I had lived here between 2000 and 2003 and left in quite a hurry after my little house of cards came tumbling.

Instead I was surprised to feel reassured with my previous decision to leave. It really feels I had made the correct decision to return to Amsterdam in 2003, and SF now felt like a cold husk in which I have been walking randomly within this past week. The over whelming vibe one gets from the population is one of a “broken people”. So much dirt, poverty and such a difference between the rich and poor, it’s an industrial automobile place where prices are high and nostalgia runs wide.

My week has been primarily filled with some futile shopping spree… I would never recommend to anyone to shop in San Francisco without a car, unless you are looking for SF shirts and mugs, in which case you have come to the right place. Every store you want to find is separated from one another by kilometers of conrete or residential nothingness – this makes it rather difficult to get to more than a couple places in a day when by foot, and busses are anything but efficient.

Prices are indeed cheaper, but only marginally. It appears that most Americans now order everything except food online in order to burn as few calories as possible.

Teline and Konstantien, friends of mine from here, have been wonderful hosts and I wish them the very best wedding! It’s a shame they won’t be heading to burningman this year.

Erika and Walter from Holland were here too, and we spent a nice 24 hours together in the middle of the week. I’ve also hung out with Drew, an old musician friend of mine who is doing very well in the hiphop music production industry.

It’s been good to be back, I feel a closure and a deep sense of satisfaction with my path.

For 24 hours I had assumed my new DAT recorder had been lost, man was I happy today when I finally found it back!!!

And now our journey continues forward to Sacramento [and then to Burningman]!

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    hi seb
    finally you have a blog- hurrah! keep up the good work. sound like you are having a lovely time.
    take care,
    malin in stockholm

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