the English Trip begins

Life here started with a bumpy ride on slEazy jet to Watterloo in London. It is an interesting place to be here, rain every few hours for a fewminutes, compact umbrella my best friend, people hovering around pubs like bands of asteroids…

Spent my first few days between Jody, Ada and Jo.

Life here started with a bumpy ride on slEazy jet to Watterloo in London. It is an interesting place to be here, rain every few hours for a fewminutes, compact umbrella my best friend, people hovering around pubs like bands of asteroids…

Spent my first few days between Jody, Ada and Jo.

My conversation with Jody was really interesting. Jody has been part of a spiritual following now for some time. We talked about a multitude of spiritual subjects and its pracatical application in life. Talking with Jody offered me a good oppertunity to really excercise my listening skills; the ever more vital because I have some reservations about Jody’s spiritual group.

We discussed common ideas of karmic-debt/credit (imposed judgement) vs. my beliefs related to karma as choice (free learning). Subjects related to the application of ‘spiritual experience’ to the daily lives of mankind, and how species-evolution plays animportant role in development. The multi-dimensional aspects of the future and the uncertainty of our planet’s development [good and bad possabilities both considered]. The validity of every life lived by every person [whether seen as spiritual or not in the eyes of so-called spiritual people] and our different views on the goal related to spreading awareness in order to achieve mass levels of conciousness; I’m basically not as convinced that mass levels of awareness should be the goal of any one individuals work [mass levels of awareness happens by its self when one perpetuatues individual levels of awareness].

Bumped into Jo, a really attractive chinese girl I met at the fullmoon party last year on the street! Spontaneously we hung out with her boyfriend + some funny south african trance heads on saturday in camdon town who were all talking about their love for germany [oddly enough] – it was nice to get the proper hippy-london experience again!

With Ada I stayed several nights in her place with her mother, Barbara, from Massachusets. Barbara had a really good quote when I askedher her reason for going to art school:

‘We only need a reason to do something when we don’t want to do it’

At Ada’s I had yummy raw coconut and coconut milk smoothies [I’ve been spending a lotof timelately healing my stomach with thought-awareness, crystals and visualization and I’m doing very well in this front], went to a silly show with wrestling and comic male stripping and a woman who did a self mutilation zombie strip tease [but we never even got to see any tities… just fake blood pouring out from everywhere… what kind of strip tease is that???]

It was great spending lazy time with Ada, our friendship is timeless. On the night before I left her place, one of their plants: a ‘night blooming cirus’ decided to flower for the first time in 3 years! The flower only opens for one night, and then it dies…how lucky was that??? I took many photos! Very beautiful white flower that opens in thin curling delicate lines – sort of ochid-like only shot-white with a deeper ventil and thine petals.

After London I skipped on over to my god father: Sol in a small town near Ascot / Wooking / Guilford.

It was so nice to see Sol his wife Janey and his 13year old son Max again… it had been many years since I had last seen Sol in the flesh. As much as 6 or 7 years perhaps! Way too long a time.

We talked and talked for two days non stop on so many subjects my head felt like it was going to explode at times.

We talked about my father, Sol’s past, my dreams. Sol drilled me on my future planning and my apparent lacking disciplin. We talked about the levels of human awareness from person to mystic to englightened to the channeling of the sat guru [sat = true].

Sol mentioned another reason why my father’s mother didn’t want me to be in contact with her son: inheretance. I honestly never thought about this before, but it is probably true that my father’s mother is loaded… how sad. While I do think that I should be due my share, I also don’t really care or want to get involved in such matters. I’d much rather have a father and a grandmother than some numbers on a bankstatement…

One strong thread was Sol pushing me to put solid roots down somewhere… save money sebastian, buy a house or some property, and then in 10 years you can sell your house and buy a boat if thats what you want to do…but dont waist time; now is the time to invest in the future’… i can still hear his voice ringing in my head!

putting roots down is definetly something I am working towards; but I also know i’mstillnot ready. I need to find the right place to do this – not just anywhere I seemto stumble accross. This need to find a place to put roots down is one of the main reasons I am in England anyways; so I am working on it.

So far the biggest advantages of England are:
– high pay / salary if working in IT related industries.
– english speaking.
– in europe = close to my mother / euro-friends.
– booming music/technology culture.

– weather only slightly better than holland
– population density still high though better than holland

Nature access and quality of nature is still unclear, I need to get to cornwall still to find this out [in a few days I will head that direction]

Sol and I also went deeply into some of Sol’s wealth of ancient wisdom, old books and teachings. We talked about crystals, healing techniques, chakras and the various forms of yoga: hatha, asana, krijia and raja. I learned that the meditation techniques I aquired from guru Maharaji [aka Prem Rawat] are a descendant form of Raja yoga. It was fascinating and inspiring to learn more about Raja yoga as well as some of Sol’s personal experiences [from his initiation, practice and stories of others through him].

The net result is a new found desire to structure and focus on my meditation techniques… I’d like to sit somewhere for a day some time and just meditate straightfor 8 hours on my current techniques.

On other fronts I was privi to an arugment between Janey, Sol and their son Max over whether it was allowed to buy red bull drink for his party and their guests.

It was interesting to see how both of them had good points and how their different opinions were merging or rather not merging on the subject.

I personally pulled out some advice for myself on the subject:

– always try and discuss differences of opinion away from the child so that there is clarity and cohesion.

– both parents really need to listen and adopt the other person’s views into their own if they are to have an integrated standpoint into how to raise their child. if both parents operate with different standards/ methods; things get a bit fire-forged; which is notnecessarily bad, but it does create more heated discussions and opertunitites for the child to play both parents against each other in order to obtain what it is they want.

– sol had a good point that instead of refusing things for the child, its always better to get the child to decide to refuse something themselves. And then only refusing it for them if its necessary.

After I leftSol, I felt like I was in a new deep sense of peace. I’ve had a lot of things to think about.

Arrived in Bristol by train, and now I’m here with Erika!

The most dificult now is deciding whether to go to the safari or skip it for more time in corwall…

Saw Bath yesterday, beautiful little town.