political beard rubbing

Well, After further perplexion into the whole Obama afair, I can only safely say right now that I’m not seeing much ‘change’ in the group of people being collected into his cabinet. There is still a rotating-door taking place, and honestly near 50%+ of his staff is either part of the Clinton era, Clinton staff,…


Man I am exalted!!! This is the first president elected in the USA I can honestly say I actually ‘wanted’ to be president! Instead of just a better choice between two worse-case scenarios. The comments from around the world are really interesting, and heart touching. There is so much hope, so much potential in us…


Tiddle tiddles

Hello folks, well hours away from final results of the new US president… and statistics would have it that Obama is set to win!!! Geesh, i can barely believe it! BUT, any weirdness can still happen [as past elections have shown] — so I won’t get too presumptuous…😛