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the venus project

"We’re a crude form of life right now, in the evolutionary stages. Our civilization? Really we are not even civilized yet.

After the world joins together, and we are through with militarism, prisons, torture, hunger, poverty, deprivation; when that is gone, that will be the beginning of the civilized world."
— Jacque Fresco

Some strong words; but he is so true. Very interesting ideas; solid.

Jacque Fresco is a Social Engineer and Industrial Designer who lays down the foundation for a more idealistic cultural community. So far it sounds like a mixture of Scientificism with ‘gift economy‘ economic principles.

He describes the project thus:

"An attainable vision of what our world could be if we intelligently apply science and technology with environmental and human concern–a future where war, poverty and hunger could be but a distant memory."

His movie has sparked a deeper interest so I am going to pick up a book of his; as I am interested in seeing if I can resonate with his principles.

Highly recommended viewing:

Further information is available at his website:


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