English trippin’ part 2.

Bristol is an eclectic mix of rundown Victorian buildings rolling along a hand full of hill sides. The entire city looks like one big decapitated suburban post nouveau-rich urban womb that has just passed between the phase of poverty to artistic explosion. Every area of the town is in the process of gentrification. vegan this,…

the English Trip begins

Life here started with a bumpy ride on slEazy jet to Watterloo in London. It is an interesting place to be here, rain every few hours for a fewminutes, compact umbrella my best friend, people hovering around pubs like bands of asteroids… Spent my first few days between Jody, Ada and Jo.

what is Love?

The major theme of this year has been ‘love’ I’ve been thinking about a few things lately, and over the last couple of days I’ve been trying to think about what love is? Someone told me they don’t know what love is. And that got me thinking a few things… It may sound niave, but…

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Burning man 2006

Phew! ok, reality? huh? erm… Recovery period is in effect. Burningman… how does one summarize the experience? Well I was there for 7 days, and it had been 4 years since I had been there… Day 1: Monday“wow, wow, wow, fucking hell, holly shit, oh my god, jesus christ, fuck, fuck, fuck, no way!”