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Awareness power pack

The stimulation of awareness is, in my belief, the single most fundamentally important aspect of ourselves we need to develop. Through awareness we ask questions, we learn, we develop our own thoughts, we become educated – wise even. The lack of awareness is the root from which all problems arise. War, environmental problems, disease, suffering,…

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new home page! art talk, and some personal updates

Hello! Well, long silence just then from me. Things have either been shifting so quickly, week-to-week to really pin down a blog report, or I’ve just been very busy working on things! Because of necessity [mothering invention], I finally got my www.chedal.org website back up! It’s a very simple page, nothing fancy, but it serves…

post year end

greetings, happy holidays!!!! well in the last weeks much has happened. I went to Antwerp, Belgium to see Ada and had a great time drinking Belgian beer, meeting her friends, getting into fashion [thanks to ada’s obsession] and eating incredibly good foreign food.

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Truths of love in a sea left of wonder.

i had a really nice time in spain with Josiane. We rented a car – drove around costa brava, visited beautiful beaches, the mountains and even the little commercial petrol-shopping enclave of Andorra. So much love, a really special person, beautiful times. Photos from our trip [first week uploaded, second week still needs to be…