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So, it’s been a while, it’s been a hurricane. There hasn’t been a proper blog report from me in ages. I’m sorry.

Life has been chalk-full of engaging experience. I’ve been applying myself to manifest my world the way I want it to unfold, and this has taken a lot of my focus.

So, it’s been a while, it’s been a hurricane. There hasn’t been a proper blog report from me in ages. I’m sorry.

Life has been chalk-full of engaging experience. I’ve been applying myself to manifest my world the way I want it to unfold, and this has taken a lot of my focus.

Portland feels like a warm welcoming human-home. Or a human-womb. That loving comfortable feeling you get in the woods or in your favorite nature spot: except here it’s a human-equivalent. An ethereal sanctuary. I’ve got a balance of exceptional nature, great friends in an ever growing circle of wonderful people, a very active romantic life and absolutely no shortage of fun work.

For the past month or two I’ve been trying to strike the balance between art-work and play. These coming months are going to be intense as I focus primarily on work and some well placed shorter trips around Oregon and Washington to go hiking, camping, river swimming and festival-loungin-n-dancin.

Portland is a crazy place in many ways, just in the last few weeks I’ve gone strawberry picking, riding firetrucks through the city, swimming in crystal cool rivers, made a 7 course meal dinner for friends, went to a coconut party, saw more than 2,000 naked cyclists riding in the city center, watched an amazing dual-occurrence sunrise-moonrise and lot’s more I can’t remember right now.

I’m working on one person’s astrology chart right now, which is fun to get back into. Work is going well, I’m busy with about 9 projects all at the same time. Art was really a big part of my life in the first month I was here, but now I’ve put it on hold again. I think for the summer between my programming+design work and outdoor plans I have very little time left over to do much else.

Recently I learned that according to this system called: Humand Design System I’m classified as a Reflector. Apparently only 0.9% of the population are Reflectors and it’s been interesting hearing what the advocates of this system think I am all about… when I hear their description and then review what kind of life I have had, it does seem to make sense, although often the short passages I do find about it on the net either seem to not describe me well, or only one little aspect of it. I got a far better explanation that I found fitting when I talked with a few of the main practitioners of the system here in Portland. I hesitate to post it, cause it is self-praise positioned in a different melon, but perhaps it has value to share what I was told so here you go:

“As a Reflector none of your energy / chakra centers are active, so you are highly mutable and automatically modify yourself to suit your situation. The people you meet activate you with their energies, you become them. You are like an open channel that all life can pass through. A Reflector’s life, if free to do so, will have continual bounces, twists and changes in their life. More so than most people, your experience is more of one of an observer, looking onto varied human life as all experience washes over without ever really affecting you. Thus in a way, you are invisible. You can become any of the other types [Manifestors, Generators, Projectors] based on different needs and situations but be aware of the risk of influence, for your adaptability can also mean you can be led astray from your path as you lack inherent self-manifestation. Your lack of self manifestation can also lead to failure because your power is often externally generated rather than internal, so be aware of the risk of disappointment. If a Reflector can reach awareness, they are able to see that all the different beliefs and ideas that surround us are just the current fashion, they see the underlying truths. Reflectors are either lost in the wave of it all, unable to take hold of their lives or they are like the forward scouts of humanity, experiencing and detecting our future and sampling from all of broad human existence. A part of human life, and yet somehow separate, those who meet a reflector will often see only themselves: a mirror.”

In some way all this information has made me more aware of myself, and its made me that much more aware of the importance there is to listen to my inner-voice, the one that seems to always know what is right for you – AND – the other/group all at the same time; like everyone, it’s a daily challenge, it’s something I feel I’m getting much better at, but still not perfect at following.

Other than a few talks though, I’m not really that into this system, primarily because it all seems very complicated, so I would need time to understand and abstract it (aka grok it), and I am content at the moment focusing on other things.

Next week is a lot of work deadlines and then I’m going to a river-lodge with about 10 friends for the weekend and then [hopefully] I’ll be off camping for a week until the 11th when it will be time to go to the Oregon Country Fair – supposedly the ‘Burning Man’ of Oregon. Day-night passes are very hard to come by, some call them ‘gold-cards’, as most people have to leave at night and its at night that supposedly all the fun begins… my dearest friend Ulika seems to have worked some magic for me though and apparently I’m going to have full play access.

Meanwhile my mother in France is struggling, she is now back at home and walking again with only one crutch, but financially her situation is not balancing out – the French system simply doesn’t accommodate to my mother’s earnings [cause they look back to 2006 instead of at her present situation when awarding aid + other reasons]. Christen feels like she should return back to the Netherlands, and now she is working on finding transportation and a place to go to again… how strange! I would have never expected such a turn of events. She is going through quite a challenging time right now, I hope things are only going to get better for her.

Much love to you all,


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    Sorry to hear about your mom!

    I was just introduced to human design as well– I am a projector. Which I took to mean that I need to wait to express my ideas until other people want to hear them, which is sensible advice. Fortunately this part of my life seems to have lots of people interested in my ideas, unlike the early years when I don’t think I made too much of an impression. I also agree that it is more complicated than I am currently willing to abstract and then grok.

    Cool about the county fair– i didn’t know there was an in crowd/out crowd thing going on! How uncool! I’m glad you made it in, though.

    Ken mentioned to me that he, you, and scott and anne went away somewhere– made Kathy feel sad/nostalgic, as you are all people we met (and loved) separately, now together having fun without us. To me it feels good, like we have helped but something together.

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