September renditions

Hello everyone, time has been passing again and there has been little from me on this blog for some time. There has been much growth and many experiences lately, so let me try and recapture some of them… Up until September the summer was packed with many festivals, lots of work, lots of socializing and…

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Truths of love in a sea left of wonder.

i had a really nice time in spain with Josiane. We rented a car – drove around costa brava, visited beautiful beaches, the mountains and even the little commercial petrol-shopping enclave of Andorra. So much love, a really special person, beautiful times. Photos from our trip [first week uploaded, second week still needs to be…


Life bouncing

Hello humans, I’ve been back from France now for a few days, and I’ve already done another trip and back to Rotterdam in the mean time. In France my mother and I did not find a permanent place for her to stay, but we did manage to find a temporary place for January which suits…

washington/portland photos

hello yawl, new photos uploaded to my album: http://picasaweb.google.com/schedal Silverfalls: a 10 water fall trail in the Oregon forest-mountainsPortland pt.1: some photos of friends in the first couple of weeks I stayed thereMultanoma falls: Aprille and I on our first day traveling around OregonSmith rock: Aprille and I on our second day traveling around Oregon