A feeling of malliable focus

Interestingly, now that I am no longer working on the Great Green March http://greatgreenmarch.org, but instead working on my projects, and paid work; I seem to be happier, and still very busy and doing lots of things that I love. There is a better balance between things, and my overall focus on health and income […]

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sharks and curry

so here i am in fiji, mix some aboriginals, indians and lots of [big] sharks in ramajag shacks, and you get fiji… ive been on a wonderful car share with some lovely people from england + walter, but i’m afraid the fellow ship is about to end as we need to part ways tonight… boohoo.

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Aitutaki to Fiji

Hello again! So here i am in Fiji, wow, what a world apart from where i’ve been the last week… Aitutaki is a huge expansive lagoon, utterly beautiful in a similar lagoon to the beauty of the lagoon on bora bora… the people are extremely friendly [you say hello with a big huge smile to […]

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rain rain rain

rain rain rain… a time for inward perspectives and a good book [and some internet] some photos have been uploaded, though not nearly all of them, still more than 40 tahiti shots i want ot upload, but more will come later. [album link is on the left of this blog look for the link!!!] so […]

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one other thing which happened at burningman was i met an expert into the chakras, i’ve been interested in chakras for a while now, ever since i had about 5 of them open over the course of a few years. since i dont know anything about them [other than the experience associated with them being […]

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from tropical shores floats my thoughts to you…

a handful of coral sand ruffles in your hands’ warm clasp,the rolling sound of waves spins air in gentle folds along your cheek,the soft caress of layered pristine sands press gently beneath your feet,plummets of fog lazily slipping between jets of deep green,a spray of blues so vividly and widely colored your language inadequately names […]

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the dangers in the pacific…

Hello Again! So, the last few days have been unlucky… There are many stories to tell, its a shame i don’t have a better connection here. I’d also love to upload scans from my journal as the artwork relates well to my experiences. In brief, here is what has happened… Last thursday I went to […]

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Via the satelite

Hello! well, here i am in the pacific, there is no wifi, no adsl : only satelite internet access, so no pictures can be uploaded and my time is on line is hence very limited. A proper summary of my last days in LA will follow latter, what i can say is that I had […]

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California dreams

Hello again! Ok recovered now from burningman…🙂 So how was the second half of my California adventure?

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Burning man 2006

Phew! ok, reality? huh? erm… Recovery period is in effect. Burningman… how does one summarize the experience? Well I was there for 7 days, and it had been 4 years since I had been there… Day 1: Monday“wow, wow, wow, fucking hell, holly shit, oh my god, jesus christ, fuck, fuck, fuck, no way!”

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