Spinning energetic spheres

Where will the spinning stop when it has begun? A concoction of stress and joy, the thrill of the dive. Spinning 4 plates or more, pauses to consider, no room to falter – the ship flies too fast to spare a moment carefree – or can we still see? The blind are busy fixing our […]

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Inside lost and found journals we now find…

Flowing the spirals of time. Nitched and locked in the golden line.Peace in the unlimited bareness of open being.No layers to hide, an open heart.Memorized by gratitude & grace.Your calls spring in the wind.A time for place. A time for space. When your being lets down its final fight – you will absolve your last […]

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from tropical shores floats my thoughts to you…

a handful of coral sand ruffles in your hands’ warm clasp,the rolling sound of waves spins air in gentle folds along your cheek,the soft caress of layered pristine sands press gently beneath your feet,plummets of fog lazily slipping between jets of deep green,a spray of blues so vividly and widely colored your language inadequately names […]

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