A feeling of malliable focus

Interestingly, now that I am no longer working on the Great Green March http://greatgreenmarch.org, but instead working on my projects, and paid work; I seem to be happier, and still very busy and doing lots of things that I love. There is a better balance between things, and my overall focus on health and income […]

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Applying discipline

So, in my quest to really get good health this year, I’m directly applying some of the learnings I have had from last year. Last year, 2009, was the year of “12 paradigm shifts and a stronger (emotional) core”. Some serious catching up as required as some point, as I would like to go into […]

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Body building!

Well, this year has started off to a tee, I made my wish for: “perfect health”, and the first thing I did, after more than a week of being low-energy and sick over new years, was to drop my daily yoga, and start up on coffee again… after my health started to drop again, and […]

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